Creative Scribes 
Yolanda Harper
 "I Am A Storyteller."

 ... I tell stories and make connections.  Here's why I do ... 

Because I am a storyteller.  And why am I a storyteller?  I'm a storyteller because I have stories ... our stories ... to tell.  

You see, I believe that we are all connected to each other.  I think that we are connected by the experiences that we share.  Experiences such as  personal insecurities, dysfunctional families, diseases, warfare, economic distress, etc.  

It is these experiences that, in my opinion, serve as a tool to bind us together in our humanity as citizens of our global society in a manner that is independent of the separatist categories that we have so erroneously created such as race, color, and creed.   

And, having said that, please know that it is my sincere desire to exploit our experiences through the creation and marketing of the intellectual property that I introduce to any social media platform and/or the entertainment industry. 

Thank you for spending some time with me ... I am so pleased that you stopped by ... my name is Yolanda.  Yolanda Harper.

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